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Blog posts November 2019

November 2019 - Melksham - Anatomy & Dissection - Day 1

After another entertaining drive (who knew there were Yeti on Salisbury Plain - slow moving, red Yeti at that) I'm back here at Melksham for our second trip away, this time for five days covering anatomy, including dissection of the lower limb to see if we are starting to recognise what we are learn…

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October 2019 Continued...... Assignment Results

Updated 04/11 - Introduction to Equine Podiatry also now back with 95%

I'm so pleased to report that I've now received two of the three assignments back and I've passed both of these.

94% Business Skills

82% Science

Just Introduction to Equine Podiatry to be marked and returned now so st…

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October 2019 - Introduction to Equine Podiatry and Science Assignments

October has been a busy month, with two assignments to work on, birthdays and a very special, non horse related Ride of Respect to attend in honour of PC Harper.

I particularly enjoyed working on the Science paper, it fitted nicely with my learning and work ethic of looking for a reason behind ev…

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September 2019 Continued....Dissection and Science Papers - Day 2

After a hearty full English and chance to chat and get to know two of the other students (Naomi and Charlene) better, we headed off again to the Melksham Adventure Centre for what is my first time observing a dissection (not counting that fish which I remember being dissected in my first year of jun…

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September 2019 - Melksham - Introduction - Day 1

Wow, what a fantastic couple of days! The start of my new adventure really began today when I met Jenni Wilson, the first of the nine other class of 2019 students.

It was an early start and I was definitely a bit anxious - what to expect - how would I get on with the others -How would I get on wi…

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