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May 2020 - Assessment, Imaging & Gait Analysis (Record Keeping) Assignment & Results

My record keeping and assessment homework has now been marked and I'm very pleased with a pass and the comments and suggestions made.

We had to design our own forms for when we are out, initially doing our case studies, and later trimming Clients horses.
Completing an assessment also includes ta…

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April 2020 - Coronovirus Lockdown Update

Coronovirus update - Last weekend would have seen us visiting Chard for the Horse Behaviour and Handling module, with Ben Hart -


Unfortunately of course this and all of our coming modules have had to be postponed until we are in a safer position to start mov…

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March 2020 Continued - Nutrition & Environment - Day 3-4

This morning I got to retake my Stage 1 exam and am pleased to say I've now passed.

We continued today by looking at environmental impact on horses health and how this is reflected in the condition of their hooves.
There are so many factors which will affect the feet - such as exercise, feed, …

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March 2020 Continued - Nutrition & Environment - Day 2

We continued this morning learning of the different nutritional requirements of certain groups of horses and the dangers of under feeding an obese or laminitic horse or pony.

For example, feeding less than 1.8% of their total body weight in forage (1.5% in extreme cases, at an absolute minimum an…

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March 2020 - Melksham - Nutrition & Environment - Day1

So here we are, back again in Melksham for the next module on the course - Nutrition and the Environment.

Our tutor for today and tomorrow morning is Clare MacLeod, an independent registered equine nutritionist.…

We've been discussing what constitutes a b…

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February 2020 Continued - Basic Trim 1 & Stage 1 Exam - Misc.

A few other highlights of Anglesey included Richard's delightful cat Teasel and of course his horses, dinner at the Inn on the Bay at Trearddur Bay, our full english breakfast for Charlene's birthday (and cake at lunch time), the hilariously fun social evening organised by Jayne and Richard and walk…

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February 2020 Continued - Basic Trim 1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day 3 - 5

The final days of Trim 1 were spent trimming lots of cadaver legs, scoring the various structures to work out the usability score and then cutting open to measure lateral medial balance and the angle of the pedal bone.

We were able to see the impact seedy toe has if left untreated, tracking right…

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February 2020 Continued - Basic Trim 1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day 2

Today is exam results day.
Unfortunately I just missed out on hitting the pass by half a point but with an 80% pass rate the standards were very high. At least I know I'm nearly there and luckily the exam can be sat again on our next course in March so not too long to wait.

Today I got to fini…

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February 2020 - Anglesey - Basic Trim1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day1

Today's the day of our first exam and the first day we start trimming a cadaver hoof.

I'm pleased it's on the first day (which is good, as reading that back there are a lot of firsts going on) so that we can get it done, see how we do and then if needed, have the rest of the week to ask questions…

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January 2020 - Anatomy One-Part 2 Assignment & Results

I've now received the second part of my Anatomy 1 homework back and pleased to say it's a pass with 95%.

This section had us describing over fifteen potential causes of lameness, including anklyosis, bone spavin, corns, ringbone and stringhalt (plus a further how to recognise them and the diagnos…

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January 2020 Continued - Assessment, Imaging & Gait Analysis - Day 3

Our final day saw us (mainly) back in front of the log fire at Richard's, to start looking at different imaging techniques and starting to develop some understanding of what we were looking at.
As a group we studied and discussed radiographs, MRI, CT scans and nuclear scintigraphy showing rotation,…

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January 2020 Continued - Assessment, Imaging & Gait Analysis - Day 2

Today we headed off to visit the horses and ponies at Freshfields Rescue Sanctuary to see if we could put what we had discussed yesterday, into practice.

When we arrived we had a few minutes to chat to some of the horses out in one of the paddocks. At this point Charlene decided she wanted to tak…

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January 2020 - Anglesey - Assessment, Imaging & Gait Analysis - Day1

And here we are again, I feel that this is the year everything is truly going to start to drop into place and I will be more astounded, more unsure of what I thought I knew and yet more knowledgeable on areas I perhaps hadnt even considered, all rolled into one.

It's a long old drive up to North …

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January 2020 - Shadowing Day 2 - Cheyenne Korbutt-Brown

On Monday I completed my second, first year compulsory full shadowing day, this time with Cheyenne Korbutt-Brown.

Cheyenne is also my own ponies EP and so on this occasion, instead of me walking up Sally and Teddy just for Cheyenne to check their movement, she walked and trotted them up so that…

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