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August 2020 - Chard - Horse Behaviour and Handling - Day 1,2 &3am

Finally here we are, in Chard for the delayed Behaviour & Handling module with Ben Hart and farrier holds on day 3(pm) with Nick Vincent

The first two and half days are all about behavior and not just the horses but ours and the clients too. It was really interesting to learn about the different training techniques and exactly how they differ and what is needed for that technique to work - one of the biggest factors in all is timing! Get the timing wrong and the message is lost for that moment. When you also take into account that it can take 15 seconds for a horse to consider your request and act on it, you can see why patience and timing are key.

We are spending our time at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset. If you find yourself that way I really would recommend a visit as the centre is really well geared up for visitors with a cafe and a little shop, plus the centre manager Nikki is incredibly welcoming and all the staff are so friendly.

We met a number of the horses here including Esther the beautiful big Shire mare and Darcy, a gorgeous 15hh piebald Welsh X mare (who would have come home with me if I had the time and money at this time).

We also met Harry, a sad little TB who was grieving for his lifetime buddy. Very sadly Harry has also crossed rainbow bridge since our visit but there must be comfort in knowing he now runs free from any pain with his best mate forever more. RIP Harry.

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