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February 2020 - Anglesey - Basic Trim1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day1

Today's the day of our first exam and the first day we start trimming a cadaver hoof.

I'm pleased it's on the first day (which is good, as reading that back there are a lot of firsts going on) so that we can get it done, see how we do and then if needed, have the rest of the week to ask questions on any weak areas, as both Richard and Jayne are teaching on this module.

After sitting the exam, the rest of the morning was theory, going over the trimming rules and health and safety first, followed by balance and alignment and how the 10 steps of the trim are followed to achieve this. We had a recap on marking up a hoof prior to trimming (this is to identify the internal markers necessary to help achieve a balanced trim and very important whilst we are learning) and then into the barn to start to put it all into practice.

The photos below are of my first attempt and up to step 6 - putting the foot on a flat plane (decent before photo of my first attempt will be added when I get wifi signal)

To be continued.....

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