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February 2020 Continued - Basic Trim 1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day 3 - 5

The final days of Trim 1 were spent trimming lots of cadaver legs, scoring the various structures to work out the usability score and then cutting open to measure lateral medial balance and the angle of the pedal bone.

We were able to see the impact seedy toe has if left untreated, tracking right in to damage the solar corium and pedal bone. We were also able to view damaged laminae microscopically, highlighting the damage and pain of laminitis and how external signs such as capsule shift and bull nose directly impact balance and the angle of P3 and how important it is to factor in all influences on the horse and hoof when trimming.

I'm also pleased to say that we all survived Storm Dennis in an open barn in North Wales (ok so maybe it wasn't so rough as it could have been and we actually got off quite lightly)


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