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January 2020 - Shadowing Day 2 - Cheyenne Korbutt-Brown

On Monday I completed my second, first year compulsory full shadowing day, this time with Cheyenne Korbutt-Brown.

Cheyenne is also my own ponies EP and so on this occasion, instead of me walking up Sally and Teddy just for Cheyenne to check their movement, she walked and trotted them up so that I too could watch and also video them, because at the end of the week I'm heading to Anglesey for the next module on the course - Gait Analysis.

Teddy is walking exceptionally well for him at the moment and we are hoping that we have now found a diet that suits his needs - he was often sensitive with the gritty path here and his digital pulse was occasionally felt. In addition to this, his hooves were sometimes far colder than what would be normal, plus his raised pulses didnt correspond with when he was footy (and would sometimes be footy with no pulse).
He is now fed on Honeychop Lite and Healthy, Spillers Lite and Lean, Sea Salt, Boswellia and Agnus Castus.

Sally however is not as comfortable as she often is. She does have slight stringhalt and at the moment has slight white line disease.
Previously her diet consisted of Pro Hoof Platinum, along with Honeychop Lite and Healthy, Sea Salt and Boswellia. When Teddy changed to the Lite and Lean and started doing so well on it, I tried Sally on it too but I think this might be when her comfort level dropped and so she has another tub of Pro Hoof Platinum on the way.

After finishing with my guys we moved a few miles down the road and saw Sam, a horse who has been barefoot for a long time but had always suffered with abscesses. Cheyenne met him a good few months back and Sam is now predominantly abscess free. It was interesting to see differences in hoof anatomy too, as Sam has bull nosed hind feet.

Moving on, I met a beautiful big Shire-Cob cross who develops seedy toe on occasion. Due to his size, the management and trimming need careful consideration but he has amazingly strong hooves and is fantastically sound on them.

Lastly we moved onto a lovely cob mare. She had a new pair of hoof boots which the owner asked for help in fitting so this again provided another view on the different aspects of life as an EP.

At the end of another fantastic day I'm now really looking forward to the end of the week learning about diagnostic techniques and gait analysis.


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