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July 2019 - The Start Of A Fantastic Adventure

Today was the day, after initially submitting my application for the Diploma of Equine Podiatry back I can't even remember how long ago, today that fateful email dropped into my inbox and was sitting staring back at me, waiting for me to open it.

With trembling hands and trepidation I slowly approached the email and sat, finger poised over the open button...............

Ok, so it wasn't quite like that but I was so keen to be accepted, having first contacted Jayne right back at the beginning of the year (and subsequently pestered more than once for the 2019 course application pack (sorry Jayne)) that the suspense was killing me

Anyway, back to that email.........

I slowly clicked open and there it attachment with the partial word 'acceptan...' but that was enough for me, the biggest grin ever spread over my face and I knew the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life was about to begin.

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