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July 2020 - Nutrition and Environment Assignment

So, quite a but has now happened since my last post and that can only mean one thing......we are once again able to start staying away and can continue with the course.

I also received back my marked nutrition and environment homework and again, very pleased to have passed and pleased with the comments.

Equine nutrition has always been of great interest to me, even before I started the barefoot journey with my ponies, as my mare Sally has sweet itch. I had realised that there was definitely a direct connection between what she was eating and how itchy she was (in fact even more so that any bothersome midges) quite a few years ago and had started to try and work out what did and didn't help her.

Thing is, at that time I didn't really have the understanding or confidence to try anything other than the mainstream supplements and it wasn't until I started talking with an Equine Podiatrist about diet for the barefoot horse (in fact any horse but thats another discussion) and putting that into practice, that I started to see that a diet suitable for a barefoot horse is fundamentally the same as that for sweet itch or laminitis (or pretty much any horse) and with that I was hooked on understanding what it actually was that I was feeding them.

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