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November 2019 Continued.... Anatomy and Dissection - Day 2-3

Wow, I dont think I've ever crammed so much information into my head before!! Crazy, full on, amazing, fascinating, jaw dropping....all phrases to describe these two days and even then, only just touching on the reality!!

Day 2 focussed on digestion, respiratory system, circulation and the cells, tissues and organs involved. All I can say is, it's up there somewhere, floating around and ready to be plucked out and used when needed. Lots more notes, rewriting and reading notes is needed.....

Day 3 was all about the hooves and lower limb which felt a lot more familiar than day 2. It was fascinating to study how the circulatory system works within the hoof and how many blood vessels and arteries there are, its astonishing to see the complexity of this system and to finish the session watching a video which showed this in action and the impacts of flexion and shoes compared to an unloaded, unshod hoof.

We've also been lucky enough to have an experienced EP join us for her CPD which has given even more opportunity for discussions and understanding.

Off to Wetherspoons for lunch tonight and a chance to let our hair down, recharge and then onto tomorrow.

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