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October 2019 - Introduction to Equine Podiatry and Science Assignments

October has been a busy month, with two assignments to work on, birthdays and a very special, non horse related Ride of Respect to attend in honour of PC Harper.

I particularly enjoyed working on the Science paper, it fitted nicely with my learning and work ethic of looking for a reason behind everything and questioning each angle until you exhaust that path, thereby (hopefully), finding a well documented, logical and considered response. Whether this proves to be the case will show in my results I guess but I got a lot out of completing it anyway

Funnily enough, I found the Introduction to Equine Podiatry assignment more tricky - perhaps because more of that one was open to my own interpretation rather than finding a set right or wrong answer. You'd be amazed at how tricky it is to find 10 different ways in which a domestic horses lifestyle differs to that of a wild horse - every different scenario seemed to become entwined with another and so highlighting them separately was unexpectedly tough (possibly again, down to my own OCD for a definite start/finish, right/wrong). Researching into why I believe horses were first shod provided some eye opening moments and plenty of different paths to follow and expand on my initial understanding. There is so much information out there, on the internet, in books and the library, that you can truly get lost on a path of discovery. I love that already about this course - being asked to find answers and research into theories that I wouldn't have thought to look into, and its fascinating!!

That's it for now but I'll he updating my results too.....stay tuned .........

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