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October 2020 - Somerset - Trim 2 & Stage 2 Exam - Day 2

We started day two with detailed information on how the Stage 2 exam will actually work.
There will be 3 times slots throughout the day and 3 horses with examiners for each so we decided between us all that it made sense for those that have furthest to travel go first as we will all be able to make our way home once its done.
As I live relatively close compared to other students, I have the latest slot at 2.30pm, along with Jenni as we're travelling together.
The exam follows the format of a full consultation including a discussion with the handler on the history and current regime of the horse (including diet, exercise and environment), pre & post assessments and gait analysis, the trim and recommendations to the owner.
We then drove back to Denise's yard to finish the hinds on those we had started yesterday, although this morning we switched horses so I was now working on Major, a beautifully marked coloured with a dislike for drips of rain on his back (I can't say I blame him) and a love for the ladies
He was a very good lad to be trimmed and Josie and I worked together to keep his attention from the ladies and achieve a nice pair of trimmed hinds.
After lunch Vic, Ettie, Jenni and myself made our way with Denise to one of her Clients yards who had very generously agreed we could work on the horses and ponies there, under the mindful eye of the yard cats and dog lol.
Jenni and I were paired up to work with Squiffy, who was a nervous lad having been feral for a large portion of his life and so called because of his 'Squiffy' right hind.
We maintained a calm approach with him throughout and a slightly modified approach to trimming his right hind to ensure he stayed comfortable so that by the time we had finished, he too had a nice set of freshly trimmed feet.
Tomorrow we will all be spending the entire day here so should hopefully start to get a good routine and rhythm going and continue to build confidence

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