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October 2020 - Somerset - Trim 2 & Stage 2 Exam - Day 3

Day three started out learning about how the mentored case studies work.
Once we pass the stage 2 exam we will need to complete four standard case studies (and later, 4 pathologies but thats a little later in the course).
These case studies will need to be worked on for a 6 mth period and our mentors will be there to support us throughout plus will attend with us on the first and last visits as a minimum requirement.
We drove back to the yard we were at yesterday and once again met by security (aka cat).
The horses today ranged from the tiniest minis through a mother and daughter and a big old feathered cob. We had a few challenges which tested our handling and distraction techniques as the mother was anxious when her daughter moved out of sight and the old feathered cob had previously had feather mites and was sensitive around his fetlocks because of this.
We finished the day with an 18mth old mini shetland who had some fancy ideas on the best way to reach his front feet for trimming.

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