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September 2019 Continued....Dissection and Science Papers - Day 2

After a hearty full English and chance to chat and get to know two of the other students (Naomi and Charlene) better, we headed off again to the Melksham Adventure Centre for what is my first time observing a dissection (not counting that fish which I remember being dissected in my first year of juniors - it's a miracle I still eat fish I tell you!).

Jayne is a fantastic teacher, as she worked her way through each part of the lower limb, removing the hoof capsule and dissecting the tendons, we were all given the opportunity to study each part in more detail and ask questions throughout.

I had no idea that under the frog is what looks in essence like a mould, which the frog is shaped over, I also had no idea just how intricate the laminae are. When you see things up close and in detail you can really appreciate just how important the health of this relatively small part of a horse is and how outstanding it is, that it is capable of propelling them through galloping and absorbing such a phenomenal amount of shock and weight when jumping.

In the afternoon we met Richard, our other tutor on the course. Richard took us through understanding the validity of a scientific paper, what to look out for and how to assess credibility. I also found this extremely interesting as I love research, looking into things and questioning all aspects of an idea to fully understand what it is. We learnt of cases where a situation of who you are can have a huge impact on whether a scientific paper gets published and how looking into the fringe publications can often be the most enlightening.

At the end of the day it was time to head home, head spinning and still buzzing, we chatted non stop until once again, the journey had flown by and we were home.

Now, time to start thinking about the next lot of homework.

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