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September 2019 - Melksham - Introduction - Day 1

Wow, what a fantastic couple of days! The start of my new adventure really began today when I met Jenni Wilson, the first of the nine other class of 2019 students.

It was an early start and I was definitely a bit anxious - what to expect - how would I get on with the others -How would I get on with Jenni, we'd never met and were meeting for the first time to travel together to Melksham for our first of many away days training - I hope we get on. Well, obviously I didn't need to worry, Jenni is just as excited about the whole journey as I am and the journey absolutely flew by and before I knew it, we were there.

After deliberating on the madness of Parkrun Peeps and both coming to same conclusion (not for us thank you) we found ourselves meeting out tutor Jayne for the first time (lots of firsts in this update) who showed us where to make coffee (very important) and where we would be for Saturdays session for our comprehensive introduction into Equine Podiatry. As all of the other students arrived and we all got chatting it became clear that for as much hard work and effort is needed, I will be sharing it all with a great bunch.

Saturdays session covered Equine Podiatry Training Ltd, The Equine Podiatry Association and all of the other associations, accreditations, and related information which will all go towards keeping us on the right track both during training, during case studies and then finally when qualified. We also got to test our drawing skills with our first of many, hastily put down diagrams of the hoof and all the parts which go into making up this fascinating area of the horse. This not only tested our knowledge of the basic points of the hoof but was also a really good introduction for what was to come on Sunday.....Dissection of the Equine Digit!

That evening we got to sample the delights of Melkshams cuisine (Wetherspoons) and I discovered their app!! Oh my, why did I not know about this and then onto the Home from Home B&B which I can safely say provide the warmest of welcomes and a comfy bed at the end of a long exciting day.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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