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September 2020 - Shadowing Yr2 Day 2 - Debs Crosoer

Hot on the heels of my first yr2 shadowing day, today I'm out with Debs.

One of my fellow students, Charlene is also coming out shadowing today, plus I know Debs from a few years back as she was the first EP to trim my own two ponies when I initially decided to go back to using an Equine Podiatrist, so it should prove to be a fun and informative day.

We saw 6 horses today, from an 18mth youngster still learning her balance and her arthritic companion, whos timely move from a boggy pasture to a more suitable environment was evident to see from the strong event line, to a lovely Connie who was recovering from laminitis and currently on a three week trim cycle.

Oh and the cutest little grey cat.

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