Whole Horse Hoof Care

DEP Equine Podiatry

What to expect from a consultation

The service I provide incorporates routine hoofcare with nutritional and environmental support to help owners maintain (or if needed create) an all-round healthy environment for their barefoot horse.

A consultation includes a chat around your horses history, details of diet, routine and any concerns you might have.

I'll assess your horse at walk and trot (if comfortable) and also take a series of photographs to monitor progress and keep a record of any changes.

I'll assess the balance and health of your horses hooves and use landmarks to trim the hoof into balance. This means that each hoof is trimmed independently and as required.

I will discuss my thoughts with you and you will be provided with a copy of the paperwork with hoof health and usability score plus any recommendations.

CHARGES - £45 per full consultation (£55 for heavy horses). £35 per non trimming consultation or partial consultation (ie; confidence building or assessment prior to shoe removal) TRAVEL CHARGES - Up to 25 miles Free of Charge / 25-45 miles £5 / 45-55 miles £10 / 55-65 miles £15.