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Blog posts January 2020

Christmas 2019 - Barefoot Wine

 You know you are on the right path when your current employment get you a bottle of Barefoot Wine for Christmas lol.


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December 2019 - Shadowing Day 1 - Jayne Hunt

Today I completed my first full shadowing day and what a fantastic (if more than a little wet, windy and chilly) it was!

After an early start and lovely drive across Salisbury plains as the sun was starting to rise, I arrived at Jayne's yard in Melksham for 8am.

First things first, I got to …

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December 2019 - Anatomy One-Part 1 Assignment & Results

Another pass, this time for the Anatomy 1 homework (part 1), with 96.5%.

I found this (and part 2 which I'm still to submit), incredibly interesting. Health, disease, illness and also nutrition, are huge factors in the overall quality of a horses lifestyle. Understanding the impact of what lies b…

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November 2019 Continued.... Anatomy and Dissection - Day 4-5


Today was our first chance to get stuck in, looking to see if we could identify the structures and tendons we've been learning about over the previous days. This really was the most amazing eye opening day, to be hands on, dissecting the structures one by one really helped to understand so man…

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November 2019 Continued.... Anatomy and Dissection - Day 2-3

Wow, I dont think I've ever crammed so much information into my head before!! Crazy, full on, amazing, fascinating, jaw dropping....all phrases to describe these two days and even then, only just touching on the reality!!

Day 2 focussed on digestion, respiratory system, circulation and the cells,…

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