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April 2020 - Coronovirus Lockdown Update

Coronovirus update - Last weekend would have seen us visiting Chard for the Horse Behaviour and Handling module, with Ben Hart -


Unfortunately of course this and all of our coming modules have had to be postponed until we are in a safer position to start moving around and getting together again but it's safe to say that it's disappointing as we were all starting to really get to know each other, and all of what we are learning is starting to fall into place.

However - better to pause for now and continue later, plus it gives something to be looking forward to.

To keep us involved in the learning, Jayne has provided us with some optional additional revision and at least the lockdown is giving plenty of time to complete homework, studying and reading Richards book -…/B07VN994…/ref=dp-kindle-redirect…

Laminitis: A Horse-Centred Approach by [Richard Vialls]

I'm missing the fun we have as a group when we are away though and can't wait to get going again

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