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February 2020 Continued - Basic Trim 1 & Stage 1 Exam - Day 2

Today is exam results day.
Unfortunately I just missed out on hitting the pass by half a point but with an 80% pass rate the standards were very high. At least I know I'm nearly there and luckily the exam can be sat again on our next course in March so not too long to wait.

Today I got to finish off the hoof I started yesterday.
Our trimmed cadaver legs are also being used for an ongoing research project which Richard is conducting on the angle of the pedal bone within the hoof capsule so once completed, we get to cut them up to measure how accurate our first assessment and subsequent trim actually was.

In all today I finished off one trim, completed another and started a third - all individual cadaver legs- so a little way to go yet before completing a set in a reasonable time.

First photo shows yesterday completed trim and the others are todays completed trim.






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