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January 2020 Continued - Assessment, Imaging & Gait Analysis - Day 3

Our final day saw us (mainly) back in front of the log fire at Richard's, to start looking at different imaging techniques and starting to develop some understanding of what we were looking at.
As a group we studied and discussed radiographs, MRI, CT scans and nuclear scintigraphy showing rotation, sinker, sidebone, navicular, arthritis, cysts, keratomas and club foot, as well as what to look for in the spacing between the joints, when assessing an image for trimming an imbalance.
This is to help us understand and follow conversations with veterinary practitioners who are qualified to diagnose disease and pathologies.
After lunch we headed outside to meet Richard's horses and continue with practicing body scoring and lameness evaluation on a sweet itch sufferer (be aware of excess scar tissue in the neck and tail head when body scoring, caused by itching and rubbing) and an Iberian who naturally dishes (who features in Richards new book -…/laminitis/rich…//9781908809865 ).
We also met the beautiful, brave Fred who has both taught so much and needed Richard's expertise over the years and shows the impact a previous life can have on the health of a horse.
Finally, back indoors we learnt how to take a set of photos correctly for the purpose of recording the condition of the hooves which is to form part of our latest homework to design a set of client forms and complete them, along with a set of photos and explanation as to the record keeping process we will be adopting.



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