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November 2019 - Melksham - Anatomy & Dissection - Day 1

After another entertaining drive (who knew there were Yeti on Salisbury Plain - slow moving, red Yeti at that) I'm back here at Melksham for our second trip away, this time for five days covering anatomy, including dissection of the lower limb to see if we are starting to recognise what we are learning about.

Day 1 started with a gentle introduction to check we could recognise the colours, markings and possible distinguishing features of a horse - otherwise known as 'lulling us into a false sense of security'

After a short break the comfort of Chestnuts, Coronet markings and Camped out quickly became the baffling identification of Caudal, Cartilaginous and Carpal. Those in the know assure us it will all start to fall into place in time.

After a full day it's back to our home for the rest of the week, a fab, large cottage with views over the fields and wondering what to do now - its 7 and I've already eaten and written up my notes - I'm not normally even home from the ponies by now.

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