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September 2020 - Anglesey - Laminitis - Day 2-3

Day 2 of the laminitis module saw us once again visiting Richards yard and a demonstration on how to apply a trim to a horse who has previously had laminitis and is currently growing out the damage caused at that time. This felt familiar as the same landmarks were used as I've seen applied for my little Teddy ponies trim.

Following this, we spent an hour or so out in the paddocks with Richards wife Clare, recognising key grasses and plants which are commonly found in our pastures. Clare also presented on grassland management, including the best way to manage pastures and the differences between old natural pasture and the modern requirement in farming for high yield pasture such as rye grass.

On our last day we discussed various causes and laminitis models which not only delved into those causes we commonly associate with laminitis such as carbohydrate overload, insulin resistance and fructans, but also lesser known models such as vasoconstriction/dilation, AVA shunt, oedema and enzymatic mmp activation.

There are certainly common predisposing factors which are often seen or noted with laminitis but its clear that laminitis is not just a single condition and an open mind is needed for each and every case.

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